About Superl8tive

Superl8tive was founded in the best year by the cleverest developers in the most incredible country in the world. Who can resist wasting time watching videos online? No one -- that's why Superl8tive was developed. Superl8tive allows its users to create and share lists of their favorite viral videos. When other users vote on the videos within a list, Superl8tive changes the standings to reflect the opinion of its populous. People love making lists, love being judgmental and love watching videos; Superl8tive smashes the three together to create the hottest video viewing experience on the internet. Plus, smart people like to use words like superlative, so it's also just cool to say.

Superl8tive is not a social media network. To use Superl8tive, you don't have to create an account, you don't have to create a profile and upload a stupid picture of yourself from last 4th of July, nor do you have to collect friends like some high school popularity contest. Superl8tive does not host videos, so you also can't upload banal videos of your cat licking its paws; do that somewhere else. Lastly, Superl8tive is a free site for those who can't afford to waste time.